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Pilates East, formerly The Pilates Studio Norwich is the home of high quality Pilates in Norwich, Norfolk and beyond. We are passionate about Pilates and its life changing benefits, and we want to share that with you!

We are renowned for having a fun and personable approach to Pilates and teaching, whilst always remaining professional and patient. Our aim is to educate and inspire you on the importance and relevance of Pilates and why we believe it should be part of your everyday lifestyle.

Our bright, spacious studio is tucked away in Labour In Vain Yard. A welcoming haven in the heart of Norwich City Centre.

The Studio is equipped with the best Gratz Classical Pilates Apparatus including Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Towers, barrels and small props. The space also allows for us to teach our ever popular Group Mat, Ballet Barre and HIPP classes live in the studio and streamed online to you at home.

We also teach Individual clients and Corporate Companies located around the world via our hugely popular live online classes and On-Demand video library.


In the heart of the Norwich Lanes in 2002


Online during the pandemic in 2020

Who we are:


Teacher and Owner

Lauren has been teaching Pilates since 2013 and practicing since 2008, where she was first introduced to it whilst training in Professional Dance. After moving to Norfolk in 2015, she took over the ownership of The Pilates Studio Norwich (now Pilates East) in September 2016.

Lauren initially trained with POWMAK Pilates in Windsor, Berkshire as an apprentice and completed her full Studio Comprehensive (Mat and Apparatus) qualification in 2014. Eager to deepen her knowledge in the Original Pilates Method, Lauren completed a second Comprehensive qualification in Classical Pilates training with Holly Murray at Pi Studios in London in 2019.

Her love for practicing and teaching Pilates continues to grow and she is dedicated to continuing her education and attends regular workshops and courses with teachers from around the world.

‘Pilates is movement with integrity, it is my passion and I will forever be a student!
In my teaching I hope to inspire and guide you find the joy of movement. Pilates teaches you to move with ease, flow and control. You will learn to practice with patience and persistence and always finish wanting more - it’s a skill and movement method for life.’


Apparatus & Mat Teacher

Amanda discovered the benefits of Pilates after childbirth and has now practiced Pilates for over 15 years. She is a qualified Pilates Foundation teacher, with additional specialisms in pre and postnatal Pilates, and qualified studio equipment teacher with Pilates in Motion.

Over the last 15 years she has combined a range of wider disciplines with Pilates to develop a deep, holistic understanding of the body. Amanda is also a nutritional therapist, massage therapist and reflexologist.

She has been teaching at Pilates East for 10 years and is experienced in teaching clients with varying levels of fitness and those with specific conditions. Amanda teaches Private and Group Apparatus classes and Group Mat classes.
‘Pilates is about progression and I love to see that in our clients. Teaching someone the principles of Pilates and how to apply them to their life is so rewarding. Watching clients get stronger, move more fluidly and breathe more effectively is amazing, and seeing the effect Pilates can have on their lives makes me proud to be a Pilates teacher. That and making people do hundreds!’


Mat & Barre Teacher

Victoria joined the team in September 2019 after completing her Matwork qualification with Body Control Pilates. (and was a client beforehand for a number of years!) She started her Fully Comprehensive Classical Apparatus training with Pi Studios in 2021

Victoria trained at Tiffany Theatre College in dance, and has danced for the majority of her life. When she first found Pilates it was the perfect partner to her dancing and helped to increase her understanding of movement. She used Pilates to unwind but also keep her body strong and supple – much needed in the dance world.
She teaches Ballet Barre, Mat classes & Private and Group Apparatus classes.
‘For me teaching and practicing Pilates is all about understanding our bodies full potential; I love helping clients learn, and become more aware of, what their body needs in any given moment to be able to move through life with ease, without pain and with greater confidence!’


Mat Teacher

Aoife was a student at Pilates East before joining the team as a Matwork teacher in 2021. She is currently studying for her Fully Comprehensive Apparatus Training.

Inspired by the original Pilates method, she deepened her practice and qualified as a Classical Pilates Teacher with Holly Murray at Pi Studios in London.

Aoife has had a lifelong passion for movement. In 2008, she moved from Dublin to train in contemporary dance at Laban in London. After graduating, she certified as a yoga teacher with CamYoga in Cambridge and taught classes in Brighton before moving to Norwich.

Aoife brings her enthusiasm and experience in movement to her Pilates teaching. In Aoife’s classes, students will discover their strengths and work on imbalances to develop a body that moves with more strength, connection, ease and joy.

“Pilates is special. To me it’s a super smart, complete system that has everything you need and more - from the precise movements that strengthen and align the body to the big flowing sequences that open the body and give you space to breath.
There’s always a challenge and plenty of room for fun.”