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Terms & Conditions

Pilates East is not a substitute for medical care, and offers no health warranties or guarantees of any kind. The information we provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from your GP or health professional.

Teachers cannot accept liability for personal injury related to participation in a session if i) your doctor has advised you against exercise on medical grounds ii) you fail to observe instructions or safety techniques iii) is caused by the negligence of another participant in the studio iv) you fail to disclose any new medical conditions or injuries at the start of the session. If during the class you experience pain or discomfort you must stop immediately and notify the teacher.

All classes are 60 minutes (except Mat and Barre Express classes which are 45 minutes.) Please arrive on time for your class. All classes will finish at their scheduled time, and time lost through late arrival cannot be made up by an extended class.

Suitable clothing must be worn. This should not be restrictive or too baggy and no riveted/studded clothing is to be worn. For hygienic reasons we ask that you wear socks, ideally with grips when using the Pilates equipment.

Pilates East operates a strict 24 hour notice of cancellation on private and group Apparatus Studio classes and 12 hours for Online classes otherwise full payment will be due or the session will be deducted from pre-paid blocks of sessions.

The client may change the date and time of their booking at any time without charge as long as it is 24 hours or more before the date and time of the session booked. To change the session, the client must do so via the booking system either or by email.