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COVID NOTICE: Retreats & Studio events are currently on hold until Restrictions lift. We can't wait until we can be together again!


Upcoming events:

How to set Healthy Goals Workshop


Wednesday 28th April

7.30pm – 8.30pm Online

Whilst many of us are familiar with the concept goal setting in areas of our professional and personal lives, when it comes to setting goals around our health and wellbeing we all too often fail to achieve what we set out for. When it comes to these type of goals, both the change process and our desired outcomes often need a more insightful and thought through approach at the outset if we are to make the meaningful and sustained change we want.

Join Jackie Trenavin and Pilates East for our ‘healthy goals’ workshop and take yourself through the process.

All you need is a goal in mind, a pen and paper and a bit of blue sky thinking.


Facial Massage and Jaw Tension Workshop


In this 60 minute workshop, Harriet will share a jaw focused facial massage sequence, acupressure points, and face & hand reflexology to provide you with a tool kit of bodywork practices to ease, calm and restore the body.

Over the past year, rates of jaw tension related issues have gone up 37%. Women are more than twice as likely to suffer with instances of clenching, grinding & tension. So what is actually happening here?

Jaw tension is a bi product of our sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of our nervous system that manages our ability to respond to stress. Whilst this tension every so often isn’t really an issue, when we are living with constant low level stress, pressure, and responsibility this nervous system activation becomes our constant state of being. And issues such jaw, neck and shoulder tension become chronic.

Irritability, body & face tension, irregular digestion, and interrupted sleep are all indicators that your body is living in a constant state of stress.

We all know how much Pilates has helped with dealing with stress and tension over the past year and this workshop will add a whole new layer to how you understand and look after your body.