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The Studio

The Studio is tucked away in Labour In Vain Yard, in the vibrant Norwich Lanes. The beautiful windows flood the studio with natural light, creating the perfect space for your Pilates workout on the Apparatus or the Mat.

Private & Duet Sessions

A Private Individual Pilates Session is the ideal place to start if you are new to Pilates or have a specific injury or goal that you are working towards.

We offer a bespoke, tailored approach and we will use our knowledge and experience of the Pilates method to ensure you get the most out of your session and progress quickly.

1:1 Pilates training is a learning experience and we know we all learn differently. Exercises and teaching will be modified where necessary to fit your individual needs as your teacher gets to know you and your body. Combining our high quality instruction and apparatus, you will challenge your movement potential, gain a greater understanding and awareness of your body and in the process become more confident and educated in your ability.

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Group Apparatus Classes

The Full Pilates Studio Experience.

In our Group Apparatus classes, you will use all pieces of equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Towers, Wunda Chair, Small props and Matwork. This high quality Apparatus will change the way you move using spring resistance to support, strengthen and challenge the body.

There is a maximum of four clients to one teacher to ensure you still receive personalised teaching in a group setting whilst also encouraging individual practice. The teacher will adapt exercises so you work at a level that suits you and maintains correct technique.

We ask that you do at least one Private Apparatus Session with us before considering a Group class.

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Group Mat Classes

Mat Pilates classes to suit all needs. For those with no acute injuries from complete Beginner to Advanced.

By working against gravity, your bodyweight on the Mat and the use of small props you will work through classical and contemporary Pilates exercises that will build strength, focusing on abdominal work to help support the spine, joint mobility and flexibility.

With a strong focus on alignment and breathing you will learn to move with ease and control and finish the class feeling energised and focused.

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Barre & HIPP classes

Put your Pilates technique into action in our Barre and HIPP classes.

Barre and HIPP (High Intensity Power Pilates) classes offer a fun and dynamic full body, low impact but more high intensity workout. There is a focus on posture, precision, balance and coordination whilst working through standing exercises and then abdominal work and stretching on the Pilates Mat.

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